Back in the day

…when I was a Democrat. Back in the late 70’s I worked at a company which required all employees to wear hard hats, safety glasses, and steel-toed boots while on the clock. We were mostly white guys with a few hispanics.

One day a black dude was hired. He was told to report for work on Monday at 8am. Get a pair of steel-toed boots the boss told him, we provide the hard hats and safety glasses.

He showed up for work at about 9am Monday wearing a pair of flip flops. The boss sent him home and told to buy steel-toed boots. The boss even offered to advance him the money to buy the boots.

No show on Tuesday. Finally he came in on Wednesday around 8:30am with flip flops again. The boss sent him home again. He never came back.

I don’t think I ever voted Democrat again except for the few instances where the Republican candidate was an absolute dud. But I still believe that JFK was the last good Democrat.


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