…a particular class, largely coastal, professional, and liberal, believes utopia is nearly here, if we just impose more regulation, higher taxes on businesses, and more environmental legislation. They have not a clue how others pump oil or gas, grow food, and produce lumber, only that they like driving, like eating, and like nice houses, but are not particularly interested in the grubby Neanderthals who allow that to happen.

So in times of near depression voters insist on stringent global warming/carbon emission laws, and keep adding regulations that hamper rather than encourage wealth creation. (Note: the more regulations we impose, the more they are ignored and the more lawless we become. Here in rural California, it is now common to see instant restaurants on the roadside: no septic systems, food preparation trailers plopped down with canopies, picnic tables, and plastic chairs, without the scrutiny that struggling restaurants put up with. Ditto instant hardware stores out on rural intersections where everything from new rakes to gas rototillers are peddled: no sales taxes, no questions, just a quick sale and on to the next location).


Reader comments to above story…

“Why is California different from the the Titanic?
Passengers on the Titanic did not vote in favor of hitting the iceberg.”

“I say we should give California to the Israelis. The Israeli/Middle East problem would be instantly solved. Is there anyone who doesn’t think the Jews could clean up California, deal with the illegal immigrant problems, innovate and create and bring reason and commonsense and jobs and wealth back to California?”

“Give California to the Palestinians. Solves the Palistine problem, and I’m sure the Hollywood/Academia types would be more than glad to be on board with a cause they readily support. Call it….Calistine.”

“It’s hard for a mid-western person to have much sympathy for California. It’s like someone who received a big inheritance and blew it.”


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